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At Siller Chiropractic, we are committed to helping you find better health, naturally. Call today. Nobody can replace you, and nothing can replace your body. We’d like to help you keep the one you’ve got.
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Dr. James M. Siller, D.C.
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To Whom It May Concern:

Doctor Siller has been practicing in our community for the past 20 years. He has been giving lectures in his office on health and has now gone out into the community to share his knowledge in the areas of Nutrition, Stress Reduction, Woman's Health, and our favorite; Healing outside in, versus inside out.

We are dedicated to moving our community toward health by going out into the community and educating people on what Health really is, where is comes from, and things we can do to improve it. What most people don't understand is how health is directly connected to how they function overall. There are definite pillars to health which allows our bodies to function at higher levels, and it is these pillars that we structure our health talks around (Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Reduction, Etc.)

  • Lunch-N-Learn - We supply lunch consisting of Subway Sandwiches to participants, participants to bring their own drinks.
  • Power Point Presentation - Dr. Siller speaks on the following topics; Stress Reduction, Nutrition, Woman's Health, Etc.
  • Talks begin with Statistics regarding the direction our health is going in this country and why it's so important to be pro-active in our approach to health!
  • Body of Talk
    • A. Nutrition talks about which foods are bad, which are good, why we should or should not be eating them.
    • B. Stress talk involves what stress does to us and why it is so harmful to our health, and what we can do to reduce it.
  • Let people know that health isn't just one thing done right it entails multiple pillars (Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Reduction, Water Intake, Proper Mental Attitude) of health and how their all interrelated.

The purpose of these talks is to educate people in our area about the importance of regaining and/or maintaining their health so that they can live a more vital, productive life... in turn, increased health translates to increased work performance and less sick days.


We do this because we are dedicated to moving our community toward HEALTH by approaching it naturally instead of chemically. We want to educate people so that they have healthier choices that will in turn be passed down to their children. We have to start somewhere and that is why we donate our time and our efforts to further this cause.


It is our mission to see our community become a stronger more productive place to live, for our children and ourselves. Our country is ranked 37th in the world for overall health so unless somebody is willing to step up and speak out we will continue to decline as a whole.


This gives your company the opportunity to lift up your employees by caring enough to let them know that you are willing to take a vested interest in their health by providing them with some healthy information by a caring provider.


At the end of our talk we offer the staff the opportunity to come in and have a health evaluation which includes a Consultation, Exam, Surface EMG scan and any necessary X-rays. We ask for a small donation of $20.00 that will be donated to one of two charities in the area (once again to help support our community). One being Friday Night Live and the other Teen Challenge. They can also purchase coupons for members of their families and friends. This has been very successful in motivating people to start in the direction of better health.


It's a win-win situation for all, healthier, stronger, less stressed, better adjusted employees equal less sick days, more energetic employees, more production and a better work environment as well.


For Better Health Naturally; 

James M. Siller, D.C.


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